This is a live, online course.
Please allow me to be your
personal coach for 8 weeks…
straight through to the
transformation of your life.


  • You will notice yourself becoming incredibly centered.  Everything will begin to come to you, instead of you chasing everything.
  • Your mind will become focused in a new, completely vibrant way.  You’ll feel an entirely different sense of clarity and vision.
  • You’ll discover that you are becoming aware of your purpose like never before.  Your reason for being becomes crystal clear and unstoppable.
  • You’ll find that top achievement can also come with the realization that happiness and contentedness is who you really are.
  • You’ll feel the abundance of a world wanting to “give to you.”
  • You’re truly alive; living in the only state where all creation originates.



  • You will gain the ability, through precise, concrete instructions and your own personal workbook with seriously impactful tools, to shift into having any and all goals you may have of the moment.  But in addition… those that you may want to achieve in the future, as well.  
  • You will find yourself blissfully enjoying all that you’ve attained.  The need to drive yourself has effortlessly dropped away.
  • You’ll have learned to interrupt that life-draining, never-ending habit of  “wanting, wanting, wanting” during your normal everyday life.  Instantly, you’ll find yourself living instead within the dynamic space of “Having”, directly altering your impact in the world.
  • You will begin to achieve your goals right away during this course… and one by one the goals of your dreams will be fulfilled… as your true self is being revealed to you…


In addition, you will receive access to ongoing weekly support Zoom calls, for this advanced Ultimate Transformation group only.


July 9th and 10th, 2022
10 AM to 5 PM (CT)

· · THEN · ·

July 17th to August 30th, 2022
Sundays and Tuesdays

7 PM to 10 PM (CT)

WHERE: Online, your computer screen

For Ultimate Transformation and Have It graduates only, I will be offering a 5-day live online retreat to deeply connect with one another in Freedom with bliss beyond words, just before the New Year 2023.

(Some selected secrets of the Kabbalah will be revealed during this course.)

Space is limited, so please be sure to sign up as soon as you can commit.

Click below to put your name on the list. You will be notified six weeks before the retreat begins.



Diane is a masterful teacher. Everyone I know who has spent time in her presence has been lifted and empowered with a most magnificent energy! Since Diane’s goal’s course, I am able to access an experience of having to the point where I see clearly that I can have anything I’d like! Can you imagine that…feeling like you can have anything!? After seeing that, I have become interested in knowing that part of me that is powerful enough to manifest anything. Sometimes I am figuring out what to add to my life of abundance (a convertible, a condo) and sometimes I am focused on meeting that energy within that is capable of creating such brilliance! If you have an opportunity to work with her pull out all the stops and – Make. It. Happen.


Being in a class with Diane is one of the most powerful and empowering experiences of my life.  Her masterful knowledge and sincere heart creates the perfect space for one to learn just how to create the life of their dreams.  After years of hoping for a sizeable income increase, I received it within a week of attending Diane’s class.  And yes, I attribute the significant pay increase to this class, 100%.


Diane, you are a brilliant teacher/facilitator guiding light. Your clarity and depth of understanding around the Nature of Manifesting and how people can instantly move into a space of “having” is truly extraordinary.  Thank you for coming here to serve us all, these precious beings we are privileged to work with. Personally, I gained a depth of clarity around issues in my legs and feet that I can feel are beginning to resolve at a physical level. With great love and appreciation.


“Thank you” doesn’t touch the generous gift you’ve given, but I’m soooo lucky to have attended with you.  It was the most powerful retreat experience I’ve ever had in my life.  I can slip almost instantly into a place of having my goal – as Diane calls it the well of Havingness – and I can get very easily into a peaceful state to start my day.


Best goals course I’ve ever taken.  Your amazing energy and laser focus while releasing one on one was spectacular.  The way you presented the material was great and had a major impact on my releasing.  Thank you for the many gifts during the course and for helping me to get moving again  I’m so grateful for being in that course.  Thank you!


The work I’ve been doing with Diane Stilwell in her Ultimate Transformation course has been astonishingly effective.  Not only have I learned the techniques for letting go of the diverse emotions that present themselves on a daily basis, but there have been some releases that are so monumental that I list them in a Gains column in capital letters with exclamation marks.


It was as if I’d been able to unplug all of the current painful reactions, with their tentacles connecting past and present, from their power source.  I was FREE.  I was grinning.  And, it enabled me to experience and honor all that had been good in my life without reservation.


This course changed my life. I have had so many gains: a new car, feeling more loving, more alive, empowered, greater clarity, purpose and direction. With increasing depth I found the course to unfold with a steady single focus on letting go and the presence of awareness. Also, being with others of like mind and having releasing in the forefront for two months was very powerful and supportive. Diane was unwavering in her commitment to our freedom. Her clarity, presence and loving commitment to us provided a very safe container for some deep feelings to come up, which was incredibly authentic and freeing. From the start I was able to identify my goal with Diane’s help. It was more than identifying it though; it so hit home that I felt an embodiment of it. Creating intentional goals and using the myriad of tools offered generated a momentum that seemed to cut through layers of old programming and resistances. I discovered that what’s left, what’s felt and what’s revealed is beingness, love, truth shining in plain sight just waiting to be welcomed. The tools she provided really worked! I was able to open to new vistas inner and outer on this course. I’m grateful for the shift into the possibility of a new life of stunning potential in freedom. This course has made a difference, provided me with effective direction and moved me upward and onward. It was just what I needed. I highly recommend this course!


Diane, I am a new person!!! I feel happier and more in tuned!! I don’t have the words to describe it. While I was taking this course—three opportunities fell into my lap!!!! Two were fairly instant—I can’t thank you enough!!!!!


My biggest breakthrough came in the last three weeks as I really accelerated. My biggest gain was the dissolution of a big part of my resistance. I feel like I just crossed the Rubicon. Diane shows a simple path to reclaiming what is truly your being. What has always been there, just buried under the layers of “mess,” or the statue in the marble that just needs to be chiseled out. 


(One week later…)


Diane, I wanted to tell you, I was just now releasing on a goal, and I took a break, and this incredible feeling of euphoria just flooded me. It’s the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had, and it’s lasted about ten good minutes. Amazing. Actually still feeling it. Beyond anything I’ve ever felt!!!


During this course, my clarity and energy was what I want to feel each day. Usually there are times during the day when I just feel tired, need to nap – not during this course. Alert, energized, clear, and focused. Wonderful!


One of the goals I worked on during this course was a health/body goal, and at the end of five days, I had lost 3 pounds effortlessly. I eat and move with joy, not making myself “do,” just doing, and experiencing each moment with childlike joy and wonder. 


A life-changing retreat… again. Able to eliminate a major block to having what I want; what I truly want. I have been waking up early naturally and getting out of bed easily. The dread about what’s coming is practically gone. An easy Peace is present.


In the past I have experienced quieting the mind. This experience was wonderful. I felt happiness and joy. I found myself asking the question though, who is asking questions? I did not understand because I was still in ego. This time was very different. This time the mind was quiet and also the ego. So, this time I slipped into Isness or Beingness. It is who we are. I felt the mind trying to come in. This felt like duality, I am here and you are over there. I just kept sending it love. This allowed me to Be for more than a moment. I was very aware that I was everything. There is no word that could ever describe who we are. It is even beyond love. I could see that even love was a feeling. Nothing else matters. There is no thing. It’s like helping the rest of ourselves home. There is no you or I. Only Isness, Beingness. Again, there are no words or feelings that could ever describe who we are. The only way is to show us the way. Like Buddha said “I am only the finger pointing to the moon.” Thank you, Diane. Thank you for being the finger pointing to the moon. I got it. I continue to Love and release,



Working with Diane is an experience that’s rather difficult to put into words. If she merely made me feel better while meeting, that would have been enough. If she merely made me feel better by the questions she asked, and the responses I gave, that would have been enough. But, she has a way, through her extraordinary insight and teachings to help you understand how to keep yourself feeling better, even when she isn’t there. How many of us continually Seek? With Diane, I actually Find!!! Thank you for showing me where My strength and My wisdom lie!!!


My experience was truly enlightening. I feel freed from living either in the past, or worrying about the future, and instead am enjoying the experience of living in the present.

(name withheld under request)

Your Release course has changed the trajectory of my life.  The clarity achieved from the course enabled me to leave a 23 year successful engineering career. Beyond the financial implications on my family life, my perspectives as a mother, wife, daughter and friend has evolved.  My capacity for accepting life has expanded, and I have gained a courage to adhere to my beliefs and live a more authentic life.


This process and the exercises brought me to a new level of approaching Goal setting. In the past, I typically felt a dread and pushed back when approaching Goal setting. I have enjoyed the process and feel a sense of ease and joy in continuing my journey toward having the goals I formulated this week. I look forward to a life of Havingness..with all the beauty that the future holds for me and those I touch.


On the 2nd day of this course I got an offer for a job that will allow me to work towards all my other goals.  I am able to feel safe and allow myself to be vulnerable in sharing, opening up.  I have been able to clearly know what the ideal client will be.  A potential client reached out to work with me, yesterday, asking what my availability is.  Feeling myself more in courageousness with all of my life transformations with my career.


Diane is a beautiful, loving and brilliant teacher. I wish everyone could have the wonderful benefits of releasing.


I have been forever changed by studying with Diane. I know my most intimate desires and am willing to release all that which is not aligned with those desires. I am experiencing a Knowingness of love and support for my higher purpose that grows deeper and more sure everyday.


I have a greater sense of clarity and freedom. I have a feeling of health and well-being. Releasing has taken me from a size 22 to a size 14 in the last two years and I have an ever-increasing feeling of health. I bought new jeans this weekend at size 14. I feel that I am better equipped to let go of stress at work, and be more fully present. I have a sense that the sky’s the limit and that anything is possible.


Released fears and wants of safety and security to the state of full self-acceptance and expansive Beingness. I’m more in touch with self, world, and love. I learned to create a goal statement in very positive terms. Also, I learned to go through feelings and release on each one to get my goal. Releasing on one goal through “clearing” seems to make me happier and lighter – and has a chain reaction. It makes my other goals feel easier, more attainable. Gain from last week – I found myself able to be separate, caring, and individuated with my partner while we were driving under stressful conditions. Usually his stress frustrates, upsets and derails me. I get reactive. After releasing, I found myself very reassuring, and compassionate toward him and his feelings. He thanked me for being so patient during the ride and said it was helpful. Overall, I feel lighter, happier, and confident with a Christmas goal challenge.


  • A strong sense that everything is unfolding as it’s supposed to.
  • Feeling very supported by the universe.
  • In Beingness. Was a witness to the love that is everywhere and in everyone.
  • Learned some really great gems to facilitate releasing and a process to let go faster.
  • Recognized a program running that was operating all my life and released it.
  • More harmonious work environment.
  • Less disapproval of the body and more appreciation for it as the vehicle to experience life.
  • Less identification with the mind and body.
  • Solution to a living situation.
  • Deep appreciation for the instruction and suggestions made in the course that facilitated my freedom.
  • More accepting of what is, and a strong sense that anything is possible.


I went from deep grief to great peace. I gained tools for releasing old and new issues. I have increased self-confidence, and there’s a reduction of fear driving my choices. There’s openness to self-acceptance and to a new relationship with a man.


Hi Diane,

Thank you so much for another amazing retreat.  So many gains!!!


  • I have more energy, more clarity, more confidence, am more empowered and making better, stronger decisions.
  • I have 5 amazing goals that I love.
  • My whole perspective on my birth and hospital experience has completely shifted, and I am more empowered and able to see clearly.
  • My body is stronger and fitter and more healthy.
  • I am using my time more wisely and am more conscious of how I am spending my time.
  • I have more compassion and kindness for myself and others.
  • I feel stronger in my ability to speak up for myself.

So grateful for all of your amazing guidance and generosity.


Wow, what a retreat! Though I have taken it before, it feels like the first time. I have let go of a program that will be life-changing and believe the best years of my life are ahead of me. My breathing has cleared up, and I can breathe through my nose. I think my earring is better, too. This is a life-changing course, and I recommend it to all who are committed to realizing their goals.


Diane is an outstanding teacher, and her course is amazing. She creates a truly magical, beautiful and deep experience for all the participants. We traveled all the way from Europe to Chicago with a baby twice to attend her wonderful goals retreat and are so grateful we did. I have healed my chronic pain, stepped into my feminine, and I am so much more loving towards myself and others after attending Diane’s retreat. I also entered a very deep space of peace, light and love that I had not experienced before.


  • Inspiration for next children’s book + clarity about a pivotal plot point that I hadn’t worked out
  • Several times over the course of the class, people asked my question so I didn’t have to
  • 100% knowing that I can release + have my goals – a whole new level of confidence!


Diane is the most gifted, talented teacher and healer I have ever worked with. My life has become sweeter, happier and more positive since working with Diane. Through my lessons in releasing I have found my dreams turning into reality. Studying under this master teacher has given me the methods and skills to live my life with love, courage, acceptance and peace. I am ever grateful.


I feel like I took a quantum leap within a powerful container using powerful tools for transformation. And with only one direction to go, freedom bound. As I integrate and practice what I experienced and learned, I feel set on a path to a true new beginning of having my best life and my best Self.

(name withheld upon request)

I absolutely love the way you present your courses – they’re refreshing and breathtaking.  I have an unprecedented clarity about my life’s purpose and my heart’s deepest desire.  As you all know, Diane is the “Goal Master” and an awesome teacher. She had us focus on goals during the workshop.  One day after coming back from Chicago, a long-time friend gifted me his whole business.  No conditions, no strings attached, no additional expenses.  “Just have it and continue running it, I’m ready to retire.”  WHAT???????”  Too good to be true?  Not according to Lester…  Thank you, Diane!


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