We are living in an age where there is more information than ever before. Most of us are overloaded with this information and find it hard to separate ourselves from it and the “spin” of trying to process it all. The Release Process is designed to help you quiet your mind and open yourself to more freedom; to more happiness and peace…

…What we’ll be practicing is a way of incorporating 3 very simple questions into your daily life, moment to moment, “releasing” any stress, unwanted feelings or blocks to your being in your natural state of simple happiness or peace. Searching for more information to make yourself happy will have no end. Instead, let’s STOP. Let’s ask a question and as the answer comes to you from the core of your being, you’ll begin to notice the peace that speaks to you from that core. You’ll begin to taste that sweetness. Without being told, you’ll begin to KNOW for yourself that the only true happiness is already within you, waiting for you to tap its source. It’s the act of asking the question that interrupts your old way of thinking, the old habits of your mind, and stills it.

From there, as you choose to notice the quiet, you can decide to keep it constant. I’ll show you how and you’ll be adapting this process of releasing into your life right away. The process is easy. All it takes is a decision to release and a commitment to keep it constant. These are the keys to your success. As you grow lighter and happier, your decision to release and be free becomes stronger and stronger. You’ll consciously decide to become the master of your ship, and the manifestor of your universe.


Lighter, Happier, Freer: The Course for Ultimate Emotional Freedom

Have you ever wondered, “What’s the quickest, most direct path to having a stress-free life, that’s easy and filled, moment to moment, with everything you’ve ever wanted?”  Your answer could be reduced to one powerful, life-changing answer: THE ABILITY, IN THE MOMENT, TO  LET GO. 

HAVE IT. “The Power of Manifesting Your Goals”

You will learn, in this 5-day retreat, tools for developing your ability to have absolutely anything you could possibly ever desire. Just bring your list of goals that you would love to achieve.


8-week live online Masterclass for serious intensive personal transformation.

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October 11th to December 1st, 2020

Sundays and Tuesdays
First two sessions: 10 AM to 5 PM
From then on: 7 to 10 PM

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