Working with Diane is an experience that’s rather difficult to put into words. If she merely made me feel better while meeting, that would have been enough. If she merely made me feel better by the questions she asked, and the responses I gave, that would have been enough. But, she has a way, through her extraordinary insight and teachings to help you understand how to keep yourself feeling better, even when she isn’t there. How many of us continually Seek? With Diane, I actually Find!!! Thank you for showing me where My strength and My wisdom lie!!! – Gabriel

Being in a class with Diane is one of the most powerful and empowering experiences of my life.  Her masterful knowledge and sincere heart creates the perfect space for one to learn just how to create the life of their dreams.  After years of hoping for a sizable income increase, I received it within a week of attending Diane’s class.  And yes, I attribute the significant pay increase to this class, 100%. – Matt

Thank you does not cover it!  You are the best thing that happened to CFR!!!!  I absolutely love the way you present your courses – it’s refreshing & breathtaking.  I have an unprecedented clarity about my life’s purpose and my heart’s deepest desire. – Anna

“Thank you” doesn’t touch the generous gift you’ve given, but I’m soooo lucky to have attended with you.  It was the most powerful retreat experience I’ve ever had in my life. – Beth

Best goals course I’ve ever taken.  Your amazing energy and laser focus while releasing one on one was spectacular.  The way you presented the material was great and had a major impact on my releasing.  Thank you for the many gifts during the course and for helping me to get moving again  I’m so grateful for being in that course.  Thank you! – Russ

Diane is a masterful teacher. Everyone I know who has spent time in her presence has been lifted and empowered with a most magnificent energy! Since Diane’s goal’s course, I am able to access an experience of having to the point where I see clearly that I can have anything I’d like! Can you imagine that…feeling like you can have anything!? After seeing that, I have become interested in knowing that part of me that is powerful enough to manifest anything. Sometimes I am figuring out what to add to my life of abundance (a convertible, a condo) and sometimes I am focused on meeting that energy within that is capable of creating such brilliance! If you have an opportunity to work with her pull out all the stops and – Make. It. Happen. — Josh

This process and the exercises brought me to a new level of approaching Goal setting. In the past, I typically felt a dread and pushed back when approaching Goal setting. I have enjoyed the process and feel a sense of ease and joy in continuing my journey toward having the goals I formulated this week. I look forward to a life of Havingness..with all the beauty that the future holds for me and those I touch. — Carolyn

The exercise of Wanting vs. Having was excellent. The internal images seem like they will remain with me. The exercise made it easier to see how wanting holds us back. Working with partners for releasing was quite valuable. Working with a small group was also empowering. — Loren

A life-changing retreat… again. Able to eliminate a major block to having what I want; what I truly want. I have been waking up early naturally and getting out of bed easily. The dread about what’s coming is practically gone. An easy Peace is present. — Michael

As I worked through the Feelings Chart, I didn’t feel like I was doing a very good job at releasing. But, by the next morning, wow, what a difference! I don’t know if I fully achieved my goal, but I have certainly made a lot of progress in a very short time. Things I have been telling myself for years that I have to do, I need to do, I ought to do, all of a sudden feel like they will be so easy to achieve, with less effort than I ever thought possible. — Grant

This course was incredibly useful in identifying my wants and letting them go, so that I could use my senses to truly see that for which I yearn. — Lonni

I learned that having true clarity helped me see what I desired most. I saw how much effort and energy I was putting into “Wanting” – and how that was holding away my goals. I can now achieve my goals easily and effortlessly. I can see and remove any resistance in the way of achieving my goals.  — Mike C.

I have a better understanding of how our “wants” impact us and drain our energy. There is a real difference in experiencing our “wants” versus the feeling of “having” something – a definite lightness in having. We have a much better likelihood of achieving our goals if we can let go of our feelings of needing to control.  — Sharrie

Diane, you are a brilliant teacher/facilitator guiding light. Your clarity and depth of understanding around the Nature of Manifesting and how people can instantly move into a space of “having” is truly extraordinary.  Thank you for coming here to serve us all, these precious beings we are privileged to work with. Personally, I gained a depth of clarity around issues in my legs and feet that I can feel are beginning to resolve at a physical level. With great love and appreciation.  — Rick

On the 2nd day of this course I got an offer for a job that will allow me to work towards all my other goals.  I am able to feel safe and allow myself to be vulnerable in sharing, opening up.  I have been able to clearly know what the ideal client will be.  A potential client reached out to work with me, yesterday, asking what my availability is.  Feeling myself more in courageousness with all of my life transformations with my career.  –Michelle D


This course changed my life. I could write pages of gains, truly. From the start I was able to identify my goal with Diane’s help. It was more than identifying it though; it so hit home that I felt an embodiment of it. I finally heard and experienced that the power is in the fruit of the release and to notice and embrace those moments and I am noticing that I am having more moments of feeling happier, hopeful and more alive. Diane’s clarity, presence and loving commitment to us provided a very safe container for some deep feelings to come up, which was incredibly authentic and freeing. The tools provided really worked! The six steps came alive for me and I developed an intimate connection with releasing, which deepened my use and understanding of it. Regarding my goal, I am noticing that I am finding a passion for my work that has been so dormant for quite some time. I even discovered in the past week that I had money in a retirement account from a previous employer that I had no idea I had. It’s a modest but substantial amount that will ease my financial pressures up in a wonderful way. I highly recommend this course! I am deeply grateful Diane. This course and your guidance has made a difference, provided me with effective direction and moved me upward and onward. It was just what I needed. Thank you with all my heart. — Irene

Greater awareness though the exercises. Because of looking for and seeing what comes up I am more in observation and not inside or swallowed up by the story feeling or want. Was able to move my attention to the abundant limitlessness of self and everything slipped away.  All the former resistance, all the wants gone – only the presence and expanded awareness. Feeling and seeing the reality of goals realized moving from this now to the now of the fulfillment and fully experiencing the happiness without a taint of sorrow. Wonderful. Seeing clearly in presence that there is no disturbance regarding anyone or anything. It is only my ego mind that gets its nickers in a twist – wants-feels and then creates stories about it all. Really enjoying this experience, especially the happiness without a taint of sorrow. So fun to just move to the fulfillment and the joy of it all. Why wait? It’s all now anyway. — Kathleen

In the past I have experienced quieting the mind. This experience was wonderful. I felt happiness and joy. I found myself asking the question though, who is asking questions? I did not understand because I was still in ego. This time was very different. This time the mind was quiet and also the ego. So, this time I slipped into Isness or Beingness. It is who we are. I felt the mind trying to come in. This felt like duality, I am here and you are over there. I just kept sending it love. This allowed me to Be for more than a moment. I was very aware that I was everything. There is no word that could ever describe who we are. It is even beyond love. I could see that even love was a feeling. Nothing else matters. There is no thing. It’s like helping the rest of ourselves home. There is no you or I. Only Isness, Beingness. Again, there are no words or feelings that could ever describe who we are. The only way is to show us the way. Like Buddha said “I am only the finger pointing to the moon.” Thank you, Diane. Thank you for being the finger pointing to the moon. I got it. I continue to Love and release, Love,  — Ann

Diane is a beautiful, loving and brilliant teacher. I wish everyone could have the wonderful benefits of releasing.  — Lisa


I have been forever changed by studying with Diane. I know my most intimate desires and am willing to release all that which is not aligned with those desires. I am experiencing a Knowingness of love and support for my higher purpose that grows deeper and more sure everyday.

I have a greater sense of clarity and freedom. I have a feeling of health and well-being. Releasing has taken me from a size 22 to a size 14 in the last two years and I have an ever-increasing feeling of health. I bought new jeans this weekend at size 14. I feel that I am better equipped to let go of stress at work, and be more fully present. I have a sense that the sky’s the limit and that anything is possible.
— Joanne

Released fears and wants of safety and security to the state of full self-acceptance and expansive Beingness. I’m more in touch with self, world, and love. I learned to create a goal statement in very positive terms. Also, I learned to go through feelings and release on each one to get my goal. Releasing on one goal thru “clearing” seems to make me happier and lighter – and has a chain reaction. It makes my other goals feel easier, more attainable. Gain from last week – I found myself able to be separate, caring, and individuated with my partner while we were driving under stressful conditions. Usually his stress frustrates, upsets and derails me. I get reactive. After releasing, I found myself very reassuring, and compassionate toward him and his feelings. He thanked me for being so patient during the ride and said it was helpful. Overall, I feel lighter, happier, and confident with a Christmas goal challenge.
— Linda

Thank you, Diane Stilwell for organizing the Basic Releasing Course in the Midwest. That’s a gain in itself! I am looking forward to Part 2 this weekend. As you all know, Diane is the “Goal Master” and an awesome teacher. She had us focus on goals during the workshop. One day after coming back from Chicago, a long-time friend gifted me his whole business. No conditions, no strings attached, no additional expenses. “Just have it and continue running it, I’m ready to retire.” WHAT??????? Too good to be true? Not according to Lester… Thank you, Diane! See you this weekend.
— Anna

– A strong sense that everything is unfolding as it’s supposed to.
– Feeling very supported by the universe.
– In Beingness. Was a witness to the love that is everywhere and in everyone.
– Learned some really great gems to facilitate releasing and a process to let go faster.
– Recognized a program running that was operating all my life and released it.
– More harmonious work environment.
– Less disapproval of the body and more appreciation for it as the vehicle to experience life.
– Less identification with the mind and body.
– Solution to a living situation.
– Deep appreciation for the instruction and suggestions made in the course that facilitated my freedom.
– More accepting of what is, and a strong sense that anything is possible.
— Sonia

I went from deep grief to great peace. I gained tools for releasing old and new issues. I have increased self-confidence, and there’s a reduction of fear driving my choices. There’s openness to self-acceptance and to a new relationship with a man.
– Joan