NOTE: In order to participate you must have completed a basic course in releasing! 

You will learn, in this 5-day retreat, tools for developing your ability to have absolutely anything you could possibly ever desire.  Diane has been developing and refining her “repertoire” for realizing goals for the past 36 years.  They are quick and easy, when using the Release Process.  Just bring your list of goals that you would love to achieve.  Why not celebrate the New Year by having, living, and being your dreams?

In 5 Days…

  1. You’ll not only learn to have everything you’ve truly ever wanted; you’ll learn the “how to” in having them ALWAYS.
  2. You will become more centered.  Everything will begin to come to you, instead of you chasing everything.
  3. Your mind will become focused, and you’ll feel a new sense of clarity and vision.
  4. You may find that you’re becoming aware of your purpose, your reason for being.
  5. You’ll feel the abundance of a world wanting to “give to you”.
  6. You’ll “know” that happiness and contentedness is who you really are.

What You’ll Walk Away With…

…You will be given full instructions and tools for achieving any goal you desire.  You’ve probably already experienced the limitations of wanting or desiring something that always seems out of reach.  We all have.  You’ll learn how to interrupt that habit of wanting or desiring during your normal everyday life.  Instantly, you’ll find yourself opening to the space of “havingness”; of revealing your true self, naturally.

…You will begin to manifest right away, during this course.  One by one, the goals of your dreams will be fulfilled as your true self is being revealed to you. A self that is richer, happier, lighter and freer.



Thank you does not cover it!  You are the best thing that happened to CFR!!!!  I absolutely love the way you present your courses – it’s refreshing & breathtaking.  I have an unprecedented clarity about my life’s purpose and my heart’s deepest desire. – Anna

Being in a class with Diane is one of the most powerful and empowering experiences of my life.  Her masterful knowledge and sincere heart creates the perfect space for one to learn just how to create the life of their dreams.  After years of hoping for a sizable income increase, I received it within a week of attending Diane’s class.  And yes, I attribute the significant pay increase to this class, 100%. – Matt

“Thank you” doesn’t touch the generous gift you’ve given, but I’m soooo lucky to have attended with you.  It was the most powerful retreat experience I’ve ever had in my life. – Beth

Best goals course I’ve ever taken.  Your amazing energy and laser focus while releasing one on one was spectacular.  The way you presented the material was great and had a major impact on my releasing.  Thank you for the many gifts during the course and for helping me to get moving again  I’m so grateful for being in that course.  Thank you! – Russ

A quick missive to say hi and let you know that my releasing has changed as a result of making the ‘sweetness’ of Step 6 an essential part of each release.  In some ways, I feel like I’m releasing for the first time. – Michael