Lighter, Happier, Freer – August 9th, 11th, & 16th, 2020


This live online course can be taken via computer or smartphone, from the comfort of your own home or office.

The first two sessions (August 9th and 11th, 2020) will be from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM CT. The third session (August 16th, 2020) will be from 7:00 – 10:00 PM CT.  All three days of this course will be done via online conferencing.  Details for the call will be emailed after you register.

Lighter,  Happier,  Freer The Course for Ultimate Emotional Freedom

Have you ever wondered, “What’s in the way of my having a stress-free life, that’s easy and filled every moment with everything I’ve ever wanted?”  Your answer could be reduced to one powerful, life-changing answer: THE ABILITY, IN THE MOMENT, TO  LET GO.


…still the spinning mind. Learn to let go at will and notice the deep quiet peace, even on your busiest days. …find calmness in each moment. After you’ve learned to release, you’ll find yourself effortlessly mindful. Even when life causes you to lose it, releasing creates an instant path of return. …achieve your goals. Whether it’s arriving at your ideal weight, or letting go of any obstacles to a free flow of money, you’ll walk away with a solid process for achieving anything you desire. …let go of blocks to learning. Reshuffle your brain so it’s working at its optimum level. …heal existing relationships and open yourself to healthy new ones. Using releasing, you’ll discover that your heart is able to give and receive love with a never-ending supply of joy and delight. …let go of addictions or unwanted habits. Learn to tap into an inherent power you never knew you had. …watch your stress dissolve. In doing so, you can address issues in your life with clarity and vision. Eliminating stress, according to the majority of health care professionals, will also remove a key contributing factor to most illnesses.




I have a greater sense of clarity and freedom. I have a feeling of health and well-being. Releasing has taken me from a size 22 to a size 14 in the last two years and I have an ever-increasing feeling of health. I bought new jeans this weekend at size 14. I feel that I am better equipped to let go of stress at work, and be more fully present. I have a sense that the sky’s the limit and that anything is possible.
— Joanne

Thank you, Diane Stilwell for organizing a Releasing course in the Midwest. That’s a gain in itself! I am looking forward to Part 2 this weekend. As you all know, Diane is the “Goal Master” and an awesome teacher… She had us focus on goals during the workshop. One day after coming back from Chicago, a long-time friend gifted me his whole business. No conditions, no strings attached, no additional expenses. “Just have it and continue running it, I’m ready to retire.” WHAT??????? Too good to be true? Not according to Lester… Thank you, Diane! See you this weekend.
— Anna

– A strong sense that everything is unfolding as it’s supposed to.
– Feeling very supported by the universe.
– In Beingness. Was a witness to the love that is everywhere and in everyone.
– Learned some really great gems to facilitate releasing and a process to let go faster.
– Recognized a program running that was operating all my life and released it.
– More harmonious work environment.
– Less disapproval of the body and more appreciation for it as the vehicle to experience life.
– Less identification with the mind and body.
– Solution to a living situation.
– Deep appreciation for the instruction and suggestions made in the course that facilitated my freedom.
– More accepting of what is, and a strong sense that anything is possible.
— Sonia

Released fears and wants of safety and security to the state of full self-acceptance and expansive Beingness. I’m more in touch with self, world, and love. I learned to create a goal statement in very positive terms. Also, I learned to go through feelings and release on each one to get my goal. Releasing on one goal thru “clearing” seems to make me happier and lighter – and has a chain reaction. It makes my other goals feel easier, more attainable. Gain from last week – I found myself able to be separate, caring, and individuated with my partner while we were driving under stressful conditions. Usually his stress frustrates, upsets and derails me. I get reactive. After releasing, I found myself very reassuring, and compassionate toward him and his feelings. He thanked me for being so patient during the ride and said it was helpful. Overall, I feel lighter, happier, and confident with a Christmas goal challenge.
— Linda

I went from deep grief to great peace. I gained tools for releasing old and new issues. I have increased self-confidence, and there’s a reduction of fear driving my choices. There’s openness to self-acceptance and to a new relationship with a man.
– Joan