About Diane

Diane has been developing, refining, and joyfully sharing her “repertoire” for realizing any and all goals, for the past 40 years. She’s watched as people have deeply transformed themselves and their world before her very eyes, witnessing hundreds of these transformations. Diane is a certified CFR teacher and life coach. She gratefully acknowledges Lester Levenson, the founder of the Release Process and her revered teacher.

Her clients and students seem to notice a fresh new clarity and insight that comes from the very core of their being as a profound peace starts to resonate from that core. They taste the “sweetness” that can only come from within. Their lives change from the inside out, clearing the way of any blocks to having wonderful relationships, financial gain, a stellar career, a fit and healthy body, and spiritual Oneness–anything they could truly desire.

Diane is married to Richard and they share a large and loving family together.